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  • ecobiological is certified to provide Bushfire Planning and Design services by the Fire Protection Association of Australia

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  • Our consultants have University qualifications relating to bushfire risk assessment, planning and design

  • Our bushfire consultants abide by the Code of Ethics for FPA Australia certified practioners

Bushfire Services

Which Bushfire Services do we offer?

  • Preliminary Site Assessment
  • Home Bushfire Hazard Assessment
  • Bushfire Threat Assessment (including Performance-based assessment)
  • Bushfire Emergency Management Plans
  • Design and Construction advice
  • Landscape Management

ecobiological can help you with all facets of compliance in a Bushfire Prone Area. If you are looking to purchase a property and are unsure of the bushfire constraints on the land contact us for a preliminary Site Assessment.

Home Bushfire Hazard Assessment

“The majority of houses destroyed in bushfires actually survive the passage of the fire front, only to burn down during the next few hours due to the fire spreading from ignitions caused by windborne burning embers” [1].

For people living in bushfire prone areas, bushfires are inevitable but survivable.  Careful planning and preparation well in advance reduces the risk of loss of life and property.  If your house was built prior to 1999 it is unlikely to have been designed and built with the risk of bushfire in mind.  There are many simple things that you can do to reduce your level of threat.

How can ecobiological help?

ecobiological has the skills and experience to provide homeowners with a personalised Home Bushfire Hazard Assessment, which involves:
  • An on-site visit to professionally evaluate the level of bushfire threat to your home
  • Preparation of a professional report to homeowners detailing practical bushfire protection measures specific to your property including:
    • Identify ember re-entrant points and provide advice on how to minimise the risk of ember ignition through incorporating building products conforming to Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia
    • Identify sources of combustible fuels surrounding the home and an ongoing fuel maintenance strategy
    • Recommend the location, construction and materials for effective Radiant Heat Barriers, Static Water Supplies and firefighting equipment
    • Recommend landscape design considering plant species and their flammability, location of garden beds, exclusion of ground fuel vegetation and windbreaks
    • Pre-bushfire season preparation checklists and Bushfire Action Plans
    • Access arrangements
    • Emergency management arrangements (Stay or Go policy)

Contact ecobiological now on 1300 881 869 or to arrange for us to prepare a coordinated, practical action plan to protect your home from bushfire.

[1] (Extract – CSIRO – Buildings Innovation & Construction Technology / Number 11 Feb 2000)

Bushfire Threat Assessment

Fire in Distance Development Applications for property located on bushfire prone land require a Bushfire Threat Assessment. This applies to applications for new developments or alterations/additions in pre-existing developments.

New development on areas identified as bushfire prone are subject to the development and planning controls of ‘Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006’ and must be designed to improve the survivability of the development and the occupants that are exposed to a bushfire hazard.

Bushfire Threat Assessments assess the level of hazard associated with developments proposed for bushfire prone areas and recommend provisions to be incorporated into the development to ensure the safety of the community, emergency personnel and infrastructure assets.

ecobiological has prepared hundreds of Bushfire Threat Assessments for clients throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley & Central Coast Regions which fully comply with bush fire protection requirements outlined in Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006.

We prepare Bushfire Threat Assessments for:

  • Infill development (new houses and alterations/additions in pre-existing subdivisions)
  • Rural residential development
  • Residential and industrial subdivisions
  • Special Fire Protection Purposes (e.g. schools, hospitals, retirement villages)
  • Class 9 buildings (assembly areas such as churches and education institutions)

Contact ecobiological now on 1300 881 869 or to undertake a professional, prompt and cost-effective Bushfire Threat Assessment for your new development or home renovation.

Design and Constructions

ecobiological is a Bushfire Planning and Design - Alternate Solutions (BPAD-A) Certified Business recognised by the Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia.

Being an FPA Certified Business means that ecobiological has the experience and capability to design and incorporate alternate building solutions for developments which do not meet the minimum Planning for Bushfire Protection 2006 guidelines and Australian Standard AS 3959 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas.

Our Senior Bushfire Consultant, Dan Pedersen is also a registered practitioner under the same program. The benefits of having an FPAA certified practitioner prepare a bushfire threat assessment include:

  • The report has been prepared by a consultant who has experience and training under the Graduate Certificate Bushfire Planning and Design program;
  • Recognised certification with FPA, which identifies reports as prepared to standards required by the NSW RFS;
  • The report is stamped with an FPA issued stamp, which identifies the report as being completed by an FPA certified assessor and therefore helps to streamline submission processes with the appropriate authorities.

Bushfire Emergency Management Plan

A BEMP should serve to minimise any potential risks to emergency services personnel, residents and staff associated with the event of a bushfire threatening a development.

Burning bush

Special Fire Protection Purpose developments should all have suitable management arrangements in place to develop and implement emergency management plans.

A BEMP provides a systematic procedure in the event of a bushfire emergency event that can be followed by employees and residents and be easily understood by emergency services that may attend. A BEMP contains procedures to determine whether or not to evacuate and gives the occupants instruction prior to and in the event of evacuation.

The BEMP procedures are also designed to account for all people at the proposed development and should contain detailed plans of designated Emergency Assembly Areas.

ecobiological has prepared several BEMPs for residential subdivisions, Aged Care and tourist accommodation developments.

For More Information

ecobiological can assist with any questions that you have by calling 1300 881 869, however feel free to review some of these related resources.

Servicing the following areas:

  • Newcastle and surrounds
  • Hunter Valley, including Singleton and Muswellbrook
  • Lake Macquarie, including Belmont, Toronto and Morriset
  • Central Coast, including Wyong and Gosford
  • Port Stephens, including Raymond Terrace and Nelson Bay
  • Central West NSW, including Lithgow, Bathurst and Orange
  • Mid North Coast, including Taree and Port Macquarie
  • Plus many other regions throughout Australia

Contact ecobiological now on 1300 881 869 or for more information.